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Toenail Reconstruction

Toenail Reconstruction

Toenail Reconstruction Procedures

Toenail reconstruction is a procedure which aims to rebuild a damaged nail. Damage can occur as a result of trauma,  fungal nail infections or other medical problems.

Layers of a special resin are applied to the cleared toenail area. The new nail can then be moulded. Once the resin has dried, the hardened material can be shaped and polished to look as natural as possible.

The process of reconstructing a nail generally follows four distinct stages.

Step 1: Any loose, discoloured or misshapen areas of the existing nail are drilled down by the practitioner. The surface of the remaining nail is roughened to help the resin adhere. This is totally painless!

Step 2: The remaining nail, skin and nail bed are cleared of any debris, oil and sweat.

Step 3: The resin is mixed, applied to the toe and shaped. It is then left for a few minutes to harden.

Step 4: The new nail is then shaped and polished. The whole procedure is perfectly painless and lasts about 30 minutes.


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How long will the nail last?

How long the nail lasts will depend very much on the quality of the original nail, and how active you are.  In the summer, for example, if you are generally wearing open-toe shoes, there is no reason why the artificial nail should not last through the whole summer.

Please be aware that you will still have to cut the reconstructed toenail on a regular basis as the nail to which the resin has been attached will continue to grow.