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  • Podiatry treatments in Farnham
  • Podiatry treatments in Farnham
  • Podiatry treatments in Farnham

Biomechanical assessment

and insoles/orthoses

A biomechanical assessment is a consultation that aims to identify the underlying mechanical causes of common foot and lower limb problems. Some foot or leg types may have altered gait biomechanics which in turn cause problems such as arch pain, heel pain or bunions. In addition, abnormal foot function can lead to problems with the patient’s knees, hips, or back.

The biomechanical assessment includes a non weight bearing assessment of joint motion, muscle testing, and posture. A slow-motion video analysis of walking or running gait allows the podiatrist to carefully asses your foot and leg movement to help determine the most appropriate management.

After the assessment, a treatment plan is drawn up.  This can include the use of orthotics, footwear recommendations, and a stretching and exercise programme.

Orthoses are a type of a shoe insert especially designed to control abnormal foot function and accommodate painful areas of the foot. These custom made insoles are prescribed to improve foot support and function, redistributing forces acting on the foot and lower limb.  In some cases they aim to accommodate deformity and provide cushioning for painful areas. A cast or impression is taken of the patient’s feet, and then sent with the prescription to an orthotic laboratory for the patient’s individualised insoles to be manufactured.

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